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We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified company established in 1980 engaged in manufacturing Cylinder Liners, Sleeves and Air cooled Blocks. Since inception we have paced up our growth with continuous improvement in quality and achieved utmost customers satisfaction.
On the platform of low cost and better quality manufacturing we have continuously directed our attention to speedup the growth. Our focus is maintained towards maximum customer satisfaction.
Our vision is to cover the maximum market share globally for our products through leveraging costs, improved quality and strategic ways of action.

AREA COVERED 200000 Square feet
100000 Cylinder Liners/Sleeves per month.


Outer Diameter : 52mm to 400mm +/- 0.02mm
Bore Inner Diameter : 50mm to 400mm +/- 0.02mm
Length : 70mm to 500mm

+/- 0.10mm


260 Skilled and Unskilled workers

LOCATION Strategically located in INDIA at industrial area in Rajkot

We define ‘quality is to achieve the utmost customer satisfaction through satisfying identified and silent requirements of customers’
Being certified ISO 9001:2000, reflects our company’s working system of global standards. Over this we are pursuing for TS 16949: to cope with challenging international work environment.
We work with TQM (Total quality management) approach that emphasis on process control rather then nonconformities detection. We are concentrating on process control to enhance the strength of the process. The directed control at each stage of process allows reducing the amount of rejection continuously. We analyze the records to downsize the lapses in process.
Modern machineries and optimal utilization helps to justify the capability of the organization and embarks to cope with technological paradigm shift.
The defined process sequence along with latest instruments with mechanical control removes the drawback of human error in areas of measurements, material analysis, mechanical and physical properties of the products.


We have well established in house manufacturing as well as quality assurance capabilities installed with recent equipments and instruments to cope with the through quality requirements of the products. Below is the brief description of each shop floor:

  • 3 Induction Furnaces with Fully automatic electronic control panel for casting.
  • 40 Centrifugal Casting Machines for Centrifugal Casting
  • 2 Cell Moulding Machines for Moulding of Engine Blocks
  • 8 CNC machines for Precision Turning
  • 2 Vertical Machining center and 4 Special Purpose Boring Machines for cylinder boring
  • 6 Hydraulic and Pletau Honing Machines
  • Centreless and Cylindrical Grinding Machines for fine Grinding.
  • Conventional machines and SP Machines for rough machining operations.
  • Various Measuring instruments for dimension measurements make Japan
  • Fully equipped Spectrometer Lab for chemical and microstructure analysis
  • Compound optical microscope for inspection of material properties
  • Profile Projector, Surface Roughness Tester, hardness Tester etc.

At our workplace the manufacturing process is divided in following steps

  • Melting of the material as per specification. Thorough temperature control is maintained at this stage. All the elements of the material are adjusted with in process chemical analysis at this stage for each and every batch and relevant records are being maintained in specific manner.
  • Centrifugal Casting of Liner, Sleeves in Centrifugal Casting machines with pre adjusted centrifuge speed, cooling rates, pouring at pre set temperature.
  • Centrifugally cast liners/sleeves are then transferred for rough machining. After rough machining each lots of items are transferred for finish Machining and fine boring.
  • Ultimately finished liners are transferred for honing and Grinding to shape up their ultimate physical appearance.
  • Through cleaning and packaging is taken care off with due importance with application of proper rust, dust preventatives and safeguard from breakages etc,
The strength of the process is such that at each and every stage of manufacturing, we emphasis on in-process inspection and with controlled planning the ratio of material rejection is downsized to the considerable extent. Ultimately 100% final inspection cross verifies the through out process verification persist if any.

Standard IS 210, GG25, ASTM A48 but can be deviated according
to customer requirements.

Hardness :

210 – 275 BHN


25kgf/sq. mm


Type A & B (D&E Random)

Flake size:


Free Ferrite:

Less than 3%


Fine Lamellar & Sorbitic Pearlite

Surface Roughness:

Ra 0.4 to 0.8 micron Rz 4 to 7 micron Vo 0.16 to 0.45

  • ANAND ENTERPRISE, Rajkot (7500sq. ft. covered unit for Auto Parts Exports)
  • J J Metal Craft Pvt. Ltd., Shapar
    (16000sq. ft. covered area with induction furnaces for casting)
  • J J Auto Components Pvt. Ltd, Shapar
    (20000Sq. ft. area with established machine shop and marketing division)
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