Interlocking Type Sleeves Suitable for Aluminum Engine Blocks


The recent concept of reducing weight andincreasing mobility and speed of the vehcles urged to use Aluminum Engine Blocks in place of Cast Iron Engine Blocks. However the cylinders need to be in place must be of cast Iron.

  Interlocking Liners/sleeves are most suitable iron cylinders for aluminum engine blocks.
  • The best surface finish for sticking outer surface of the sleeve with the engine blockbecause of specific limits of bonds on the surface.
  • Cost effecting sleeves because of removal of outer diameter machining and saving ofmaterial for machining clearance.
  • Thin walled engine sleeves ultimately helps to reduce the distance between two cylinder bores and helps to increase the efficiency of the engine.
  • Manufacturing through centrifugal casting process to achieve the best material property.
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