Quality Assurance Facilities

Our modern quality assurance facilities strengthen our capability to meet customer needs and expectation. Which are elaborated below.

A team of dedicated well-experienced professionally qualified personnel operates the all the precision measuring equipments.

We have adopted the Statistical Quality Control System for incoming, in process and final inspection as per ISO-9001:2000 Quality Management Systems to improve Quality Standard and to reduce cost by controlling non-conforming product.


This is GNR Lab, Italy make instrument, spectrometer is mirror of metallurgy. It analysis the chemical composition of metal with in 30 seconds. We verify the chemical compositions of metal at each and every heat, if chemical property conforms the specific requirements further process is performed. It is used for process control, Incoming raw material and final products. Versatile use of instrument in ferrous material, steel & iron, coppers/Alloys, Brasses, Bronzes, Aluminum, Nical, Zinc, Lead, Tin and Their alloys

Compound Optical Microscope

The instrument is used to analyze the structure of metal i.e. to measure the metrography properties of material. The instrument is co related with computer software, which gives automatic calculated flake & Phase distribution in gray cast iron. It is vital useful for S.G. Iron, various steel structure. The specimen can be viewed with or without etching.

CCTV Camera for honing texture
(Cylinder Liner Surface Honing Texture Viewing & Photographing)
The complete unit with computer software used for to check honing texture, which checks angle, distance between two lines, honing surface geometry and surface brightness.


Surface Roughness Tester

Mitutoyo- Japan make instrument used to measure small scale surface irregularity i.e. physical property of surface in various surface roughness parameters llike Ra, Rp, Rt, Rmax, R3z , material Ratio MR1, MR2 etc. in both direction longitudinal and axial variation. The instruments gives the result of surface properties in analogue and graphical form, to cater all customer requirements. We use this instrument to measure surface finish for critical dimension parameters during on going process and final inspection.

Profile Projector

The instruments used for checking radius, chamfers, grooves, profile in the products like lines, sleeves, block, valves etc. where traditional method fails to checks, it is also used to check profile of various tools. Special traces have been developed for checking.

Inspection & Packing Division

We perform three-stage inspection receiving, in process and final inspection. We emphases on process control rather then rejection detection. In process inspection is carried out during process at pre-defined interval for all critical characteristic to conform on going process control. Due care is taken while in process inspection for all dimensional, surface and geometry parameters. 100% final inspection for dimensional and visuals aids is last scanning process to prevent mixing of non conforming products with ok product.
Packing is done at the last stage to protect material for environments effects and transits damage. We use multi layer packing by use of VCI paper, Virgin plastic, corrugated paper, and finally box with master cartoon as per customer requirements.     


We follow these material Specification standards:

1. Centricast Mark 12 (Conforming to B.S. 4K6)
2. Centricast Mark 15
3. ASTM A 159, G 4000

  Chemical Composition:


3.00 - 3.30


1.80 - 2.10


0.10 Max.


0.15 Max.


0.70 - 1.0


0.50 Max

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